human resources consulting

HR Documentation & Healthchecks

HR documentation is a major part of the work I conduct for clients trying to ensure their printed and online documentation satisfies current legislation and guidelines

A useful extension to this area of my core services is the provision of HR Healthchecks, to ensure HR processes and functions also comply with legislative and compliance requirements.

Having the correct paperwork in place is the foundation of good people management. Quite aside from being legally compliant it sets expectations and enables you to manage effectively. Businesses want to be as risk free as possible and my HR Documentation and HR Healthcheck services assist in several ways:

Contracts of employment

This is the core document of every employment relationship. I’ll advise you on what is suitable and works with good practice (and can supply several types of document to suit most employment contractual needs).

HR Handbooks

HR Handbooks are the most referred to document when it comes to managing people. They should contain all the information needed to set out expectations to employees and enable you to manage most situations. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Handbooks so I will discuss the options available to help you determine the correct type for the size and makeup of your business.

Policies & Documentation

HR Handbooks are not always appropriate for certain businesses and, typically, they can use a portfolio of separate policies instead. I can advise you on the options available and the most appropriate policies for your business, as well as writing these for you.

I can also advice on and produce additional HR forms and documentation that are useful for various employee situations [e.g. an application for Paternity Leave].


Most businesses worry about the ever changing employment law environment and whether they are up to date with their paperwork. I’ll advise you on the matters that you need to be compliant with and supply solutions tot suit your particular business.

Processes & Procedures

Most businesses are aware that employment situations often require robust processes to be followed to reduce risk. This isn’t just about commonsense; it’s often to safeguard the business and key personnel within it.

This is an area of expertise for me and often provides efficiencies for clients as an additional long term benefit. In addition to advice I can also participate in meetings to help clients deal with various issues, or assist in implementing improvements to their HR processes and procedures.

Improving Communication

Communication, or a lack of it, often leads to a range of people issues which can normally be easily resolved. I’ll show you how to improve communications to manage employee expectations and the various ways it can be achieved.

HR Audits

Many businesses are usually better placed for HR and compliance than they realise.

One of my roles is conducting HR audits (either on site or online) to reassure employers on their current position, while offering advice on improvements they should consider implementing. This enables Managers to be more confident in any HR activity they undertake and can provide part of an ongoing audit and assessment programme.

The services above are not an exhaustive list, so please get in touch if you have a HR situation that needs expert HR help to be resolved.

Having run my own business for over 22 years, it was a breath of fresh air to hand over the running and guidance of our HR to Sylvia/ HR that helps. Her knowledge, professionalism and expertise is invaluable and allows me now to concentrate 100% on the business.

Steve Halstead
Director & founder of Chequers Estate Agents

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