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HR Performance & People Issues

Dealing with the best and the worst of performance and people matters is at the heart of the HR service I provide.

From helping companies to get the best from the people they employ to representing clients at Employment Tribunals, my role covers a wide range of HR advice and guidance on performance and people issues.

Many HR situations arise during the course of working relationships in the workplace. My expertise helps you handle “everyday HR” through to the most complex of disputes, dismissals or even redundancies. My core HR services in this area include:


If an employee raises a formal complaint I’ll guide you through the process for dealing with it, and can act as an Independent Advisor to hear it (where necessary).


These generally arise through poor conduct or performance. I’ll guide you through the various stages of the disciplinary procedure, ensuring you are compliant and your business is protected. I can also act as an Independent Investigator or chair the disciplinary itself.

It is not unusual for grievances and disciplinaries to become a combined and complex issue. This is an area where I have specialised for many years so you will receive the best HR advice and hands-on guidance to bring matters to a conclusion.

Independent Appeals

For smaller businesses it is often difficult to find an impartial senior manager to hear an appeal. In these situations I can help you to overcome this problem by acting as an advisor ‘from the outside’ to hear the appeal.

Managing Performance

This can be time consuming and difficult to quantify so I’ll provide you with the tools to manage this effectively for the business, whilst still being fair and transparent.

Managing daily HR issues

Some of the most common areas I provide HR help with are managing absence, equality and diversity matters and family leave.

With the law constantly changing in these areas it is vital to stay up to date with legislation and manage situations carefully, while maintaining the commercial interests of the business. My role is to ensure these are balanced, fair and legally correct.

Dismissals & Redundancies

These can occur in any business and are often very emotive to deal with. They require a combination of commonsense and compassion, while protecting the business from undue interruption.

I guide you through the processes and paperwork to ensure your business is as well protected as possible, while maintaining morale and credibility for the staff affected.


This is a complex area of HR legislation where I will guide you through the paperwork to ensure your business is HR compliant, and that all relevant consultation processes are followed and applied correctly.

The services above are not an exhaustive list, so please get in touch if you have a HR situation that needs expert HR help to be resolved.

“Sylvia has been an incredibly helpful resource for the employment team for a number of years. She has assisted many of our clients by way of independent investigations and the conduct of disciplinary and grievance hearings. Sylvia is thorough and pragmatic and our clients find her very easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sylvia for HR support and guidance.”

Darren Tibble, Partner [Employment]

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