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HR Specialist Consultancy Services

There are some types of activities that interact regularly with HR

Many of my clients use my services for one off projects or individual matters. Mostly these matters are interlinked with HR and so I can offer a seamless service. My core services in this are

Occupational Health and Safety [office based]

Most offices are low risk environments. However there are issues with employees sitting comfortably at their desk, upper limb and neck/back disorders, the ergonomics of sitting comfortably and the requirements for H&S training and eye sight tests. I can supply the basic documents and training to deal with these matters

Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment – TUPE

This is often seen as a complicated HR matter when it applies to the merging or buy/sell of a business.  It can be handled professionally and without issue if planned well.

“When we lost a Government contract to a large PLC, we wanted to make sure that the staff on the TUPE list were fully protected. Sylvia provided us with practical and sensible answers to the inevitable complexities of the transfer, ensuring we coped admirably with the process. Sylvia has a pragmatic approach that is based on a full understanding of the convoluted legislation which is both refreshing and invaluable. She is our ‘go-to’ expert.”

Adrian Leach, Business Development and Marketing Manager at HCR

Independent Expert Witness

I have experience of giving evidence at an Employment Tribunal and support clients, together with their legal teams through the process


Recruitment can take up a lot of time which can be better spent in the business. I can easily source a pool of candidates for my client, CV sift and do first interviews so that all they have to do is choose from the short list. This has proved to be very cost effective for clients compared to an agency and yet they still feel that they have control of the process.

“HR that Helps provided the Chamber with logical, pragmatic advice and processes which ensured we secured the best candidates for the CEO position. Sylvia’s insights and knowledge is excellent and she worked tirelessly to deliver the perfect result. ”

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

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