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HR Training for Managers and more…

Many of my clients want their senior staff to be confident in handling people issues. This empowers them to deal with situations early and helps with their own development. To assist with this, I can hold group or one to one sessions on understanding how to manage performance or conduct in the workplace. Equally, many clients like to be kept up to date with HR issues, often worrying about the ever changing legal environment and wanting to operate best practice. My training services also help new businesses to understand the basic requirements of employing staff. Whatever the need, I am happy to organise an appropriate session which will be informative and enjoyable.

Employee Representative Training

Certain HR and legal procedures require staff to be represented by elected employees.  In particular this applies to certain redundancy and Tupe situations.  These representatives require training on how to undertake their responsibilities and how to follow the relevant processes. I offer a ‘rep training’ service which lasts for a morning and can accommodate up to 10 attendees.  It can be done on or off site.  For more information please contact me.

Basic HR

This course is designed for operational managers and those Directors just needing an overview. It covers the following core matters:

  • HR Documentation – the contract and handbook, what are they for and how to use them
  • The employee lifecycle – an overview of having an employee from the time they join to the time they leave.  This works through all the things that have to be considered, in what could be many years, and can go right [or wrong] in that time.
  • Dealing with ad hoc day to day HR matters – such as holidays, family leave and sickness absence

At a glance

  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Suitable for: anyone new to HR, managing people or wishing to develop their skill set in this area
  • Learning outcomes – to be able to understand the basics of managing people in day to day HR situations
  • Delivery – in house or off site

Cost – from £400 + vat per course max 6 delegates

Advanced HR

This course covers topics in more depth than the basic one but follows the same format.  It involves practical group work and some role play.

At a glance

  • Duration – a whole day
  • Suitable for: senior staff who need a good understanding of HR and the practical skills to apply it.
  • Learning outcomes – to be able to handle quite complex HR matters confidently and thus reducing the risks to the business
  • Delivery – in house or off site

Cost – from £700+ vat per course max 6 delegates

Specialist Training in Specific Subjects

The most common of these is training specifically for:

  • Recruitment – how to select, interview and recruit whilst being mindful of the law and good practice.
  • Managing investigations, disciplinaries, grievances and appeals – this gives a good understanding of how to work through a dispute, follow a proper process and arrive at an outcome.

At a glance

  • Duration – all courses are run as 3 hours unless requested otherwise
  • Suitable for – anyone who is involved in a particular sector of HR work and needs in depth knowledge
  • Learning outcomes – to have a better understanding of a particular topic and be able to apply it in the workplace
  • Delivery – one to one or in groups, on or off site

Cost – from £400 + vat per course max 3 delegates

I am often asked by other business partners and organisations to present on HR matters at their own public events. Further details of these and upcoming sessions can be found in the Presentations & Seminars section.

Tara Bowers from The Smart Future Centre attended ‘Managing your people – HR for Charities’ and said ‘very useful and everything covered was relevant’

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