A Trip of a Lifetime

At the beginning of 2019 I took an extended holiday and spent 10 days exploring Hong King and China.

As well as meeting friends and family from around the world in Hong Kong for a birthday celebration, I also travelled to the Great Wall and immersed myself in the very different culture of China.

It was a fantastic experience, with a personal highlight being crossing China in nine hours on the new high-speed bullet train.I then spent two full days in Beijing doing The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, and Tiananmen Square, scene of the student led demonstrations in 1989.

Having been to Hong Kong a few times, I had always wanted to go to China as it is so different in history, culture and politics. I wanted to see what the ‘new commercial’ China was like. Although I was surprised how similar mainland China was to our western European life, the constant police presence meant that there was certainly a different tone to being in public. I was very conscious of being scanned in the metro and the street in certain places.

I really enjoyed my experience, which was a big tick off my bucket list! I’m back to work now, well rested and with great memories to share!



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