Driving Licence Changes– what do you need to know as an employer?

LicenceSince 8 June 2015, the paper counterparts to driving licences are no longer issued by DVLA, or recognised as valid. These paper counterparts usually hold valuable information regarding an individual’s licence – such as address details, categories of entitlement and fines.

This information is obviously crucial if you are employing people as drivers. You are responsible for making sure that anyone you employ has the right licence and qualifications. These checks have to be carried out regularly. If an employee receives a ban and doesn’t let you know, whilst continuing to use a company car, for example, your insurance will be invalid.

So how can you still make sure that anyone you employ has the right licence and qualifications without being able to check the paper counterpart?

The DVLA has two options for employers.

Share my Record – while licence holders can view their licence online, it is restricted to that individual alone. However, they can create a one-off licence check code to share the record with a third party. This includes employers and car hire companies. This unique code is only valid for 72 hours, so some organisation is required by both parties.

Postal or Telephone Checking – You, as the employer, can contact the DVLA by post or telephone to check an individual’s licence details. This does cost money however, with a premium rate number to call the DVLA and a £5 charge for checking by post.

If you employ drivers, or are just about to, make sure you know your obligations. You must ensure that all your employees have the right driving licence, and training if they are required to drive goods vehicles. If you use foreign drivers you must also take care to confirm that they know the rules for driving in the UK.

For any queries relating to employing drivers, or the recent changes to paper counterpart licences, contact me today. I provide much needed commercially aware, risk focused HR advice and support to SME’s and other businesses.

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